Examining the Artifacts

Several of the artifacts found at the Cauca River valley site were considered to be Anthropomorphic and phytomorphic vessels.  Anthropomorphic can be defined as an object which resembles or portrays human traits, although it is not human.  Phytomorphic is the resemblance of plant like traits.  Several golden vessels were recovered from this site having either human or plant like attributes.  The image below is one of the Quimbaya anthropomorphic vessels.

“Anthropomorphic vessel in the form of a man’s head with openwork to inlay other material than gold” (Perea. 2013. 3.1).

Golden Head

The image below is one of the phytomorphic golden vessels of Quimbaya.  It resembles some type of round fruit, some believe it to be a lime container.

lime bowl

Zoomorphic and anthropomorphic pendants were also some of the common artifacts found throughout the 123 recovered Quimbaya items.  Zoomorphic artifacts usually depict animals, in this case insects and lizards are among the golden pendant artifacts recovered.  Anthropomorphic pendants were also found, these are animals with human characteristics or just humans.

These pendants are from the pre- Colombia Quimbaya era and resemble flying fish.  They are considered zoomorphic as well.

planes 2