Pseudoarchaeological Narrative

The pseudoarchaeological narrative associated with the Quimbaya artifacts is specific to the Zoomorphic and anthropomorphic gold pendants.  Archaeologists list many of these pendants as being animals or insects.  Due to visual similarities of many of these pendants and modern day airplanes or flying vehicles, there are many ancient astronaut believers that claim these artifacts as proof of alien intervention.  There are also some that believe there to be connections between the Quimbaya artifacts and the people of Atlantis, due to the percentage of copper found within these gold items.  Among these Atlantis and ancient alien believes, many believe that the Quimbaya people understood aerodynamics and molded many of their pendants after flying machines. “The ancient pieces look very much like the designs of modern airplanes and incorporate a number of features essentially proving the Quimbaya knew and understood the principals of flight” (2010-2015 Mystery Pile).  Another argument used by believers of ancient aliens is that modern day tribes around the world who have seen airplanes have changed their religions and even built models of what they have seen in the sky.  “Isolated tribes visited in both Africa and South America by airplane have both demonstrated shifts in religious beliefs after the visit. One of the tribes welcomed the plane on its second visit with ceremonial fire and statues constructed in the shape of the airplane” (2010-2015   Another theory is that these pendants were given to individual piolets during the Quimbaya time period, and each pilot was given a different pendant depending on his region of flight.  Believers compare this to modern day pilots and there pendants they wear. “These relics were likely embodiments of the spirit of the air crafts and the organizations or regions to which the crafts and pilots belonged” (